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First Aid Kit

Non-exhaustive list, for informative purposes only.
Show this list of medications to your healthcare provider, as only he or she can advise you according to your state of health, possible allergies, and any potential harmful interactions with any medication you may be on.

• Caution :

If you have any allergies and have an injectable treatment kit (such as Epi-pens, adrenaline or corticosteroids), remember to bring it along with your prescription for it.

The dosages indicated here are average doses for adults from 60-70kg (132-154 pounds)

• Material and products :

Scissors and a single-use scalpel
20-30 Sterile compresses (30x30cm)
Velpeau type (adhesive wrap) bandages
Adhesive bandages (Urgo type)
2nd Skin type bandages (for blisters on feet)
Saline solution (10 single doses)
Dermal Betadine antiseptic solution: 10 single doses, or one vial (for wound disinfection)
Hexomemide solution: 10/OOO, 1 vial (wet dressing for deep wounds)
Biafine cream, one tube (for skin irritation and sunburns)
Urgoband sports tape (12cm) for compression in case of sports injury
Micropur for water disinfection: box of 100 tablets (1cp for 1 liter)

• Medication :

Amoxicillin, Clamoxyl: 1gram, 3x per day for infections (ENT, lungs, infected
Antibacterial treatment for intestinal illnesses:
Ercefuryl: 200 mg, 4x per day (to treat infectious diarrhea)

Diarrhea treatment:
Imodium: 1-4 capsules per day (to treat diarrhea from any cause)

Pain relief:
Paracetamol: 500 mg-1g, 3 times per day (non-spasmodic pain)
Visceralgine: 2cp, 3 times per day (for spasmodic and muscular pain)

Voltarin cream: 50 mg, 3 times/day (joint or muscle pain)

Eye treatment:
Sterymicin: 4 single doses per day for eye infections

Eye relief:
Uveline: 2 drops, 6-10 times per day in case of ophthalmia or sunburn of the eyes

Cortisone cream:
Diprosone or Dermoval in case of insect bites or itchy skin